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The Hub is APPA's online network for public power professionals to communicate with colleagues in the industry. Membership is open to every APPA utility member. Using the Hub, you will be able to:

Communicate and collaborate on requests for information on industry topics

Collect and share documents and policies to help create and refine your own

Connect with your colleagues to discuss everyday needs and concerns

Public Power Insider Blog

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    Changes to EIA Forms

    APPA Bloggers

    I have written before about the information available at the Energy Information Administration (EIA) website. Their...

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    2013 APPA Report on New Generating Capacity

    APPA Bloggers

    Each year APPA publishes a report on new generating capacity. The report summarizes new capacity by fuel type, region,...

Industry Blog

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    Final Thoughts - Don't Be Afraid to Take Chances: Impressions from the 2012 Energy Star Partners Meeting

    Corporate Bloggers

    It’s been a good three days in St. Paul, Minnesota, at the 2012 Energy Star Products Partner Meeting , even though I...

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    Retailers to the Rescue, "Most Efficient" Concerns, and Abandoning CFL Abandonment: Impressions from the 2012 Energy Star Partners Meeting

    Corporate Bloggers

    Day 2 at the 2012 Energy Star Products Partner Meeting was even better than the first—although our resident lighting...


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    Lynda Racicot

    Bonneville Power Administration

    56 Points

  2. photo not available
    Mary Medeiros McEnroe

    Silicon Valley Power
    Santa Clara, CA
    United States

    44 Points

  3. photo not available
    Richelle Dodds

    American Public Power Association
    Arlington, VA
    United States

    40 Points

  4. photo not available
    Philip Lim

    Murfreesboro Electric Dept.
    Murfreesboro, TN
    United States

    32 Points

  5. photo not available
    Stephen Leinweber

    Austin Energy
    Austin, TX
    United States

    24 Points

  6. photo not available
    Bill Abramowicz

    Fort Pierce Utilities Authority
    Fort Pierce, FL
    United States

    24 Points